Sommarsegling etapp 17

Gullholmen-Henån     3-5 aug

An othere lovely sunny day and we sail away towards  our home harbour. Bye bye Gullholmen.

Enjoying the last days in the sun img_20160709_132517

At the Malö Strömmar it is narrow so the current are strong. It looks like the water is boiling.


Nice places on the way in


After a night in a bay we enter Henånimg_1966

Yes we made it this year as well!!  Safe and sound  and with some Justnew experience and little more wiser.img-20160804-wa0000Our dear friendes stop by to say hi to us on there way home to Stockholm. It was so nice to see Christine and Kenneth and there children20160804_11471420160804_123142

Time to pack ,clean and do the laundery.  My dear cuisine Carina and her husband Stefan came to visit us and we had a lovely evening  with them. Sorry no photos.  Later in the evening Elise arrived with our car.

The morning after we are still packing and the last laundery is done. Last thing is  to leave the keys and the to do list to the yacht service . The Boat will look little different next year.

Have a great Year and see you in June again!! So Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!!fb_img_1470404041969

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world


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